Hydro Organics Blanket  

Developed by Lanyonscapes for better results in tough Australian conditions.


  • Topsoil/Growing Media replacement
  • Typically used on steep batters, both cut and fill or flat areas with limited topsoil
  • Equivalent alternative to pneumatically applied compost blankets and organics blankets
  • Erosion control and growing media in one product


  • Fully biodegradable growth media, soil stabilizer and conditioner
  • Forms intimate bond with soil surface to create erosion resistant blanket
  • Contains natural plant and soil bio stimulants
  • Contains specialist formulated amelioration agents to amend subsoil and promote growth – tailored to each job using soil science
  • Free from weed seed and foreign objects • Requires no curing period • Allows for rapid germination and accelerated plant growth
  • Applied any thickness to provide a growth medium and further subsoil amelioration


The Hydro Organics Blanket (HOB) is an alternative to already proven pneumatic compost blankets and organics blankets, with the addition of soil science and knowledge-based bio stimulants. Lanyonscapes’ innovative R & D team devised and perfected the HOB to suit Australia’s environmental extremes. The product can be engineered for specific site soil conditions for optimum results.

The HOB is successful as a topsoil replacement on steep rocky batters and compacted fill batters, delivering excellent results throughout Queensland on Main Roads projects, heavy industrial areas and residential developments. The product is adaptable to suit all applications required for the erosion control industry.

HOB is an advanced growing media with many benefits:

  • Incorporates erosion control and revegetation. Ongoing watering is recommended to improve vegetation growth but this is not essential to improving the blankets erosion control properties. The HOB will maintain a long lasting erosion control blanket until suitable rainfall is received to further increase the vegetation cover
  • Hydraulic application adds moisture to the soil profile, incorporates the soil into its bonded matrix and allows ameliorates to penetrate the subsoil.
  • Enhances overall profile and water holding capabilities, helping reduce the loss of moisture through evaporation. The addition of Coir is essential for moisture retention.
  • Comparable sheer strength properties to current and widely marketed hydromulch products
  • Applied via manned cannon with a range of 1-50 meters, eliminating the need for personnel working on batters or from cherry pickers. The highly maneuverable truck uses existing site access and road ways. Hose on application is also utilized for tight or tricky locations.
  • Contains industry renowned composts and soil conditioning products that meets the Australian Standards AS4454.
  • Provides adequate media for the germination and sustained growth of crops while also offering added stability and erosion control.
  • Proprietary blend of humates, biochar and other bio stimulants adjusts the subsoil to support and encourage plant growth.
  • Prolonged adhesion and retention on the steepest of batters due to the incorporated binding agents.
  • Soil ameliorants can be incorporated into the mix for simultaneous application. Additionally, soil science is used to ensure that the subsoil profile is amended to support growth. This is applied prior to the HOB to eliminate toxicity.
  • Efficiencies are delivered through reduced plant and equipment mobilization costs and reduced lay down area requirements.
  • Industry Compliance and approved to MRTS16 and IECA guidelines

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