Hot Pods® are a new reliable, cost effective solution for revegetating large areas

Exclusive to Lanyonscapes, the product has been developed in consultation with agronomists and erosion control professionals.

Hot Pods® are tailormade for your project.


Hot Pods® are an innovative solution to the current hit and miss approach of revegetating large areas.  The system is a holistic approach to the improvement of soils and revegetation in a single pass.


Hot Pods®are individual growing media packages incorporating:

Application rates, amelioration requirements and seed selection are tailored to suit your project. We guarantee competitive pricing and excellent results.


How Hot Pods® Work

Hot Pods are applied via specialised spreading equipment that allows a precise rate of application over typical terrains up to 4:1 slopes. Precision ensures even coverage and economical application. Aerial applications via helicopter or plane can be used in areas that were previously inaccessible using standard revegetation techniques.

Once spread, the Hot Pods® start improving the immediate area by releasing the microbial activators, soil conditioners and trace elements to generate growth zones. They will remain intact until rain melts the pods and all ingredients are released. Seeds germinate in the growing media inside the pod and send roots into the soil which is already been improved. Growth will continue as the pods incorporate themselves into the soil with each rain event.

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