Lanyonscapes has completed landscaping projects across Central Queensland, as well as regional and remote areas throughout the State.
Our expertise includes:

  • Commercial and industrial landscaping and irrigation
  • Tree planting for revegetation
  • Industrial buffer zones
  • Supplementary planting to seeded areas
  • Viro-cell and tubestock planting, where selected species such as Vetiver Grass or wetland species are required.

Clients include:

  • Major industry
  • Mines
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Defense facilities
  • Island resorts



Lanyonscapes provides maintenance services for all completed work, where required.

Landscape maintenance services are available for all commercial sites, large scale industrial sites and infrastructure projects. We’re experienced in:

  • mowing
  • slashing
  • weed spraying
  • mulching
  • tree lopping.


On larger projects we know that meeting the Department of Environment & Heritage Protection (DEHP) growth criteria is a priority. We can provide detailed maintenance and monitoring reports, when required, as a part of our service.

We visit your site according to requirements, offering a flexible schedule to meet your budget. We also offer a fully-licenced, weed control service to meet DEHP requirements after tree and tubestock planting.

Weed spraying onsite

Monitoring and Reporting

Lanyonscapes can provide detailed reports to measure the progress of revegetation projects, including monitoring:

  • growth and coverage
  • species diversity
  • weeds
  • fauna
  • nutrition.

Reports include details of corrective actions taken, if required.

Phone: 07 4979 4994
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