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Jute Matting

Jute Matting is an organic geotextile which aids in weed and erosion control. An environmentally friendly way of protecting young trees and shrubs by reducing competing weeds and the need to use damaging herbicide.

Because the Jute Matting allows both air and water to pass unimpeded through its construction, the soil beneath it can breath, promoting growth of desired plants while reducing evaporation and minimising watering needs.

The heavier grades of Jute Mat are also used as weed suppressants while the lighter grades of Jute Mat provides an ideal media for seed germination as it protects the soil from erosion while still allowing the seed to grow through the matting.


Jute mat installation

Jute Matting is the simplest, safest, and most cost effective method of promoting new growth on the worst affected slopes because it enhances water filtration whilst protecting precious topsoils.

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Cior Netting

Coir Mesh is a natural fibre matting made from 100% natural coconut fibre that is spun and woven into a matting available in various grades. Coir Mesh is an open weave geotextile that is fully biodegradable adding organic matter to the soil. As coir is an abundant and renewable resource, there is a range of environmentally friendly products that are widely used in civil engineering and for land and slope stabilisation applications. When vegetated, it has the mechanical strength necessary to hold soil in place and prevent erosion. The coir netting breaks up runoff from heavy rains and dissipates the energy of flowing water and wind. Coir Mesh also promotes the growth of new vegetation by absorbing water and preventing the topsoil from drying out.

Coir Mesh has double the life of jute and higher tensile strength than other organic geotextiles with a longevity of around five years. This allows ample time for natural vegetation to establish and therefore stabilise the area.

Coir Mesh is ideally suited for preventing and controlling erosion even on steep slopes. When installed according to our recommendations and planted into or seeded, Coir Mesh will not only stabilise the area but also retain moisture and assist seed germination.

Jute Mesh, with irrigation and tubestock planting>

Cior Net, with irrigation and tubestock planting



Enkamat is a flexible three-dimensional mat for immediate, permanent erosion protection on the most varied slope types. The open Enkamat product types are particularly suitable for use on steep dry slopes exposed to wind and rain and hence prone to erosion. Open Enkamat’s artificial root structure with up to 1,800 m filament per m² creates an artificial root structure preventing soil eroding from steep slopes, river banks, landfill containments and other vulnerable areas.

As a general rule, once laid on slopes, Enkamat is seeded and filled with humus or fertile soil. Vegetation can then take root and develop easily, because of Enkamat’s artificial root structure protecting the soil and germinating seed.

It is designed to help nature develop strong vegetation for permanent erosion protection of slopes, rivers, banks, ditches, channels, spillways, landfills, shorelines and other vulnerable erosion-prone areas.


Enkamat up close

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