Area: 180 Ha
Client: Wesfarmers
Services: Revegetation & Rehabilitation

The Blackwater Creek Diversion was a $129.6m project to divert over 10.2 kms of the creek around a mining lease. The diversion allows unimpeded access to additional coal reserves yet provides a permanent, stable and sustainable environment for an important ecological corridor.


When completed in December 2009,  it was thought to be one of the largest revegetation projects in Australia.

The aim was to deliver a stable, self-functioning ecosystem, with a key focus on biodiversity. The services included soil amelioration, 179 Ha of hydromulching and hydroseeding, and laying of jute mesh. The jute mesh covered over 100 million square metres, laid on 1:3 batters –  some in excess of 50 metres deep.


Over 33,000 endemic tubestock plants were successfully installed along the creek over eight months to provide a suitable replacement habitat for the flora and fauna.

The contract included three subsequent years of monitoring and maintenance services to meet State Government environmental requirements.

Services provided included:

  • Soil amelioration: testing and agronomous recommendations to ensure successful germination
  • Hydromulching
  • Hydroseeding
  • Jute mesh laying


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