Hydromulching is a method of revegetation where the seed and fertiliser is mixed in a slurry of organic matter and tackifiers, and sprayed onto a prepared surface.

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The hydromulch is applied by powerful truck-mounted pumps capable of a discharge distance up to 40m on level ground or further on slopes. Hydromulch offers a solution for coverage of areas that are inaccessible by conventional equipment. The slurry is pumped through lay-flat hoses over distances of up to 60 metres from the truck.

Application rates vary  depending on factors such as the degree of erosion protection required.  Hydromulch can include additives such as bio-stimulants, fertilisers and trace elements. Sometimes soil testing is required to determine exactly what will be required in the hydromulch blend.

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Choosing the appropriate method, delivery and additives is key to a successful project. Lanyonscapes can provide expert advice on matters such as site preparation, soil samples, recommended application rates, species selection, and maintenance requirements. We recommend that you contact us in the early stages of your project so that costly mistakes can be avoided.

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