Lanyonscapes offers grass, tree and/or shrub seeding for all disturbed areas associated with mining or construction. Direct seeding involves distributing seed and fertiliser without large quantities of additional materials such as mulch.

Direct seeding is designed for broad scale revegetation. It is an excellent way to revegetate your property quickly and efficiently using seed.

Site preparation is very important for all direct seeding jobs, and Lanyonscapes can advise on preparation, soil testing, soil additives, fertilisers, species selection and coated seed options. Seed mixes can be tailored to suit the sites requirements.

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Seed can be located under the soil surface or on top of the soil, depending on species selection and soil type. The method of seeding is determined by factors such as terrain and accessibility, size of the job, quality of site preparation, and safety considerations.

Lanyonscapes delivers most direct seeding by tractor, using various attachments, or by hydroseeding. Lanyonscapes’ hydro seeders are the largest available on the market. Hydroseeding medium usually contains mulch and tackifier to bind seed to soil and prevent wind loss.

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