Establishing in 1990, Lanyonscapes has more than two decades of experience and has earned a reputation for results and reliability.

Lanyonscapes is led by Scott Verrall. His practical, results-driven approach is combined with a civil engineering degree, many years experience in technical and management roles on mining, construction and civil projects, and a passion for the land.

Scott takes pride in Lanyonscape’s reputation for reliability and results. In fact, he guarantees the best results for you. Here’s why:


  • We are not tied to any product or supplier, so can recommend the best product for your project and budget.
  • Our science-based solutions are tailored to the needs of your soil and your budget.
  • We use soil testing, agronomist analysis and reports to provide highly effective soil amelioration products, perfectly tailored to your project.
  • We can fulfill your project objectives from beginning to end – from topsoil preparation to maintenance and monitoring.


  • We guarantee competitive pricing.
  • Our expertise and tailored programs ensure effective results and value for money.


  • Our hydroseeders are the largest available on the market and ideal for large projects and difficult terrains.
  • All plant and equipment is mine specification compliant, complete with Plant Risk Assessments.
  • Job Safety and Environmental Analysis documentation is carried in project vehicles.
  • All personnel hold and maintain vehicle operator competencies, RII’s and state and federal licences.


  • We can develop a program tailored to your needs and guaranteed to deliver excellent results.
  • We can ensure clients meet their environmental obligations and comply with legislation.
  • We provide expertise in professional protocols and knowledge of legal requirements.
  • We offer guidance on the latest environmental techniques.
  • We offer affordable and reliable plant hire
  • Our R&D team is continually developing new products and innovative applications, with HotPods and a new spray-on organic blanket system recently added to our range.



  • We are AS4801 Occupational Health & Safety Management System certified, Australian Standard Quality Certified (ISO 9001) and Environmental System certified (ISO 14001).
  • We have experience working on major mining and infrastructure sites with some of the best safety standards and procedures in the world.
  • A commitment to continuous improvement has led the company to achieve Environmental Certification.
  • We are Certified Professionals in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC)
  • We understand meeting Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (DEHP) growth criteria is a priority. Our weed control service ensures clients meet DEHP requirements after tree and tubestock planting.
  • Our commitment to quality service continues throughout your project life cycle and follows well-defined procedures.
  • Our project managers maintain close client contact, both face to face and via other mediums, to ensure clients are up to date on projects, and to address any concerns should they arise.

Tailored delivery

A revegetation project is only as successful as the soil media supplied. We manage the rejuvenation of any type of planting media using scientific analysis and reports. Our subsequent application of highly effective soil amelioration products are perfectly tailored to your soil media for good predicted growth.

We design our mixes when hydromulching and hydroseeding to suit your soil type and your budget constraints. Some projects require additional soil protection such as installation of erosion control blankets or jute matting. Lanyonscapes can fulfill your project objectives from beginning to end. Or we can slot into your project wherever our expertise is needed.


Along with 20 years of experience in revegetation and erosion control, we pride ourselves on being able to provide arbitrary advice and arbitrary product selection.  We do not favour a particular product over another.  We will offer the most effective products for the needs of each project and individual client. This ensures client budget and vegetative outcomes are met.

Our consultancy services include:

  • revegetation scoping documents;
  • planting media management plans;
  • environmental management plans;
  • erosion and sediment control plans – CPESC Accredited;
  • recommendations & project management, in line with environmental plans and objectives;
  • soil sampling with complete analysis and recommendations;
  • seed selection and sourcing;
  • best practice application methods and rates;
  • supply of leading products; and
  • development of innovative new products.

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