Haymulching is similar to hydromulching except that the mulch is applied dry. Seed and fertiliser are applied first by direct seeding and a blanket of hay is applied over the seed.

Haymulching machines are pulled behind a truck, and bales of hay are fed into the machine. This machine is a chopper and blower, and delivers a uniform layer of hay over the seed.
Hay is held in place by a tackifier to minimise wind loss.

Key considerations

There is a variety of considerations when selecting the most effective product for your projects. Contact Lanyonscapes early in your planning so we can provide expert advice on the best options for your project.

Key considerations for the use of haymulching are:

  • does not offer the same erosion protection as hydromulching, in most situations
  • requires less water than hydromulching
  • discharge distance from the blower is less than achievable with hydromulching.