We are passionate about environmental sustainability and achieving this through the rehabilitation of degraded landscapes as a result of mining or construction activities. By working with our clients, we are able to develop tailored solutions to ensure effective, long term results. We provide a variety of environmental contracting services to achieve these aims:

Established in 1990, the company has a strong reputation for providing reliable services to a broad range of industries including:

Lanyonscapes has the experience and capacity to manage small and large projects, including multimillion dollar projects spanning several years. We are remote area specialists, focusing on Queensland and the Northern Territory.

Our Staff

Lanyonscapes is lead by Managing Director, Scott Verrall, a qualified engineer, who brings a practical, problem solving approach to the needs of clients. He combines decades of technical and management experience in mining, construction and civil environments with his passion for the land.

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Our Equipment

Lanyonscapes has a significant equipment fleet, including the largest hydroseeders on the market. We can quickly mobilise machinery and equipment to remote sites throughout Queensland and the Northern Territory.

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Policies & Accreditations

Lanyonscapes has certified system accreditation in Health & Safety, Environment and Quality. View our Work Health & Safety Policy , Environmental Policy and  Quality Policy .

Lanyonscapes is a member of the International Erosion Control Association.

Phone: 07 4979 4994

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