The Hydro Compost Organics Blanket (HCOB) is the result of Lanyonscapes R&D determination to offer a product that delivers outstanding results in tough Australian conditions.

It has delivered excellent results throughout Queensland on Main Roads projects, heavy industrial areas and residential developments.


  • Topsoil replacement on steep batters, both cut and fill
  • Alternative to pneumatic compost blankets and organics blankets
  • Adaptable to suit all erosion control applications


  • Fully biodegradable growth media, soil stabilizer and conditioner
  • Contains natural plant and soil bio stimulants
  • Contains specialist formulated amelioration agents to amend subsoil and promote growth – tailored to each job using soil science
  • Free from weed seed and foreign objects
  • Requires no curing period
  • Forms intimate bond with soil surface to create erosion resistant blanket
  • Allows for rapid germination and accelerated plant growth
  • Applied at 48.5 tonnes per hectare, provides a growth medium layer of 25mm and further soil bond and amelioration of up to 50mm deep.


HCOB is a high performance, flexible growth medium with many benefits:

  • Offers soil science, knowledge-based, bio stimulants to optimise growth;
  • Can be engineered for specific site soil conditions, delivering optimum results;
  • Incorporates both erosion control and revegetation components;
  • Soil ameliorants can be incorporated into the mix;
  • Hydraulic application adds moisture to the soil profile and incorporates the soil into its bonded matrix;
  • Bonding enhances the overall profile and reduces moisture loss through evaporation;
  • Does not require immediate and diligent watering to achieve stability through vegetative cover;
  • Remains a dormant cover until conditions are ideal for seed germination;
  • Has comparable sheer strength to imported wood fibre products – at a lower price;
  • Contains “Active8”, an industry recognised compost and soil conditioning product (Australian standard AS4454);
  • Contains the organic fibres of cane and paper, included as per best practice hydromulching guidelines (MRTS16C and L230);
  • Product efficiencies include reduced plant and equipment mobilisation costs, pallet delivery means no need for bulk stockpiles;
  • Application via manned cannon eliminates the need for personnel working on batters or from cherry pickers;
  • Highly manoeuvrable trucks use existing site access and road ways.

Before and after:


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