At Lanyonscapes, we are accredited and experienced to provide erosion control products to suit every project. Our expert advice will ensure effective results and avoid cost blow outs.

We understand that not all sites are the same and will deliver tailored solutions to best suit your site and conditions.

Lanyonscapes staff are Certified Professionals in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC). Accreditation is administered by International Erosion Control Australia and shows staff have the required educational and scientific knowledge to offer erosion control services.


We provide a range of soil amelioration and hydromulch products, including the high performance spray-on option – GeoSpray. This is  an environmentally friendly erosion control solution that is extremely durable and cost effective. It is applied using traditional hydromulch machinery.

Our products range also includes:

  • Queensland standard hydromulch
  • Bonded fibre matrix and high performance flexible growth mediums
  • Hydro Compost Organics Blanket
  • Posishell, stockpile and ditch liners
  • Supply and installation of  erosion and sediment control products:
    o erosion control blankets
    o silt fencing
    o geofabric liner materials
    o rock gabions.
Germination through jute matting
Germination through jute matting