Revegetation of Subsoil with HCOB

HCOB is ideal for use on difficult terrains, like embankments and batters, to achieve revegetation goals. Often steep embankments don’t have much existing topsoil (or any at all) so it can be difficult for seeds to germinate. HCOB offers an all-in-one solution to this problem by combining compost with the traditional hydromulch mixture.

Compost is the ideal medium to support plant growth, especially on poor soils.HCOB is applied in a similar manner to hydromulch – ingredients are added to the tank and mixed to create a slurry of revegetation goodness; it’s then carefully sprayed out across the site to ensure consistent coverage. When applied, it looks like this:

HCOB applied, august 2014
HCOB applied, August 2014

And after a bit of rain, you can expect results like this:

HCOB batter, February 2015
HCOB batter, February 2015

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